My 3 Favorite Ways To Get In The Mood

Sex is amazing, especially when I’m feeling confident about myself. But, what about those days when you hit snooze for 30 minutes and miss yoga practice, your kids forgot their lunch on the counter and your dog ran through the screen door – those are the days when feeling sexy doesn’t come easily.

If you’re looking to turn up the heat and turn yourself on – I’ve got you covered. From pampering yourself to turning up the tunes – here’s a few of our favorite ways to start your journey to pleasure:

1 – Pamper yourself with a bath:


Drop in the perfect bath bomb or add some bubble bath, then sit back and relax! Allow yourself to unwind surrounded by the comforting warmth of a hot bath and sooth yourself with your favorite scents. A little “me” time can help you settle all of the thoughts of the day and become more present in the moment. Bonus: turn off the lights and use candles for an even sexier experience

2 – Create an inviting space for intimacy:


When my room is messy it makes me stressy – seriously. Messy spaces or an unmade bed can trigger all sorts of negative emotions that will quickly kill your sexy time plans. There’s nothing sexier than sliding naked into a neatly made bed with fresh linens – add some essential oil spray to your sheets to kick it up another notch!

3 – Turn on some music:


Relax, close your eyes and let the music change your mood. There a bunch of science behind this – to sum it up…music taps into the pleasure center of your brain and releases all the good wanton mojo. Fun Fact: According to this study done by Sonos, the smart speaker system, 67 percent of couples that listen to music out loud together report having more sex than couples who don’t listen to music together.

(Bed)SIDE NOTE: If you’re still struggling to get in the mood – remember that sex hormones and stress hormones are linked in that if one is high, the other will be low. Stimulants like sugar, caffeine and nicotine all raise your stress hormones making you less likely to get in the mood.

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